NCOP Swap – Sir William Stanier Visit

We’re really pleased to have participated in our first NCOP Swap event – where students from one NCOP area visit a different NCOP for a university experience. In this case, Shaping Futures Project Assistants hosted a Higher Horizons target secondary school. We’re hoping this is the first #NCOPSwap event of many!

Blog by Mary Edgar, Shaping Futures Project Assistant 

On Monday 12th of February we were thrilled to host a university visit day for Sir William Stanier Year 10s. The pupils braved the snow to make it all the way from Crewe to the University of Liverpool where it was chilly but the sun was shining.

We were very fortunate to have Dr Benjamin Salem, a senior lecturer in Robotics from the department of Civil Engineering and Industrial Design at the University of Liverpool, involved. He showed the pupils the exciting projects he works on including animatronic companions for the sick and bedbound, the issues of robots handling packets of M&Ms and prototype search and rescue robots capable of joining forced to become a mega transformer life-saving robot!

higher horizons ncop

The pupils had just about thawed from their bus journey when we took them outside again for a tour around the campus. They visited the architecture studios, the Olympic sized swimming pool, the student-run LS Radio Station in the Guild of Students and the Engineering Building to see the flight simulator, the student F1 car and the UK’s fastest land bike. Even Shaping Futures staff learned some new facts about the campus. Did you know that the commemorative clock tower on the Victoria Gallery and Museum was funded by Sir William Hartley, of Hartley Jam?

We tested the pupils on their newfound knowledge as they competed in our Big Fat University Quiz of the Year. The final winners, with an amazing high score of 17, walked away with the Grand Cash Prize of a bag of chocolate coins.

There were some excellent questions for our staff and students about university life, what courses were available and studying abroad during your degree all through the day. It was brilliant to see pupils already taking an interest in life after school! We had a great day hosting the pupils from Sir William Stanier and we’re so pleased they enjoyed their day and the opportunity to see a university a little bit further away from home.

We had a lovely day and all I heard was positive feedback from the students. Thank you so much for facilitating a great day Рit is much appreciated! РMelanie Lloyd, Careers and Post 16 Transition Advisor, Sir William Stanier. 

If you’re interested in hosting an NCOP Swap event with Shaping Futures – please get in touch!