Through the Eyes of Boys Everton in the Community Visit

On Friday 27th April the students on the Knowsley Through the Eyes of Boys project took part in a football industries day provided by Everton in the Community. The students, from Kirkby High School and All Saints Catholic High School were accompanied by University of Liverpool Student Advocates as they enjoyed a day exploring different career options within the football industry.

To kick off the day the boys were taken to the Alex Young suite and were introduced to the Everton staff members who would be working with them throughout the day. They then fought competitively in a football knowledge quiz to win signed photos of a range of Everton players, resulting in a tense three way tie.

They were then split into 3 groups for a carousel of activities which included a¬†tour of Goodison Park. The students were keen to show off their knowledge and enjoyed learning more about Everton and Premier League Football in general. They were all shocked to find out that Goodison has a Church within it’s grounds. The tour also highlighted a range of different job opportunities within the industry from a groundsman to physiotherapists to chefs.

They then walked over to Cryuff Court to experience what it’s like to be a football coach. The students enjoyed playing a 5 a side whilst gaining insight into a career in coaching. The students¬† came away from the session excited and wanting to engage with Everton further in their local football practise nights.

The final activity was an interactive session regarding the media and journalism surrounding football. The students considered open and closed questions, as well as how best to word questions to get the information they’d want as a journalist. As part of this they had a chance for role play, with half the group sitting in the press conference room and quizzing the other half of the group who played the role of ‘newly signed players’. This session was thoroughly enjoyed and prompted questions such as “What universities can I study Sports Journalism at?”.

The day was then wrapped up with a final team quiz and more prizes up for grabs before the students disembarked and headed back to school Our staff has a great time at the event, and we’re looking forward to seeing the students again in a couple of weeks on the next Through the Eyes of Boys visit, hosted by Hope University!